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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Quote For The Day

    “Are you satisfied”
                     {Number 6 – Many Happy Returns}

    Well let’s say the dice were heavily loaded in Number 6’s favour, well according to the Colonel. Number 6, although he had escaped the confines of The Village, couldn’t let it rest. He had questions, and wanted answers, although the questions may well have been his burden, the answers may well have made a prison for him, had he realized them! After all he had already been betrayed by one Colonel and Fotheringay, and now he had placed himself in the hands of another. Then there’s Thorpe, who didn’t take to Number 6 at all, with his sarcastic and somewhat sceptical remarks. He’d probably have Number 6 put back in The Village as soon as look at him! But who else was there to help Number 6? He said he wasn’t sure which side ran The Village, which the Colonel saw as being a mutual problem, and if Number 6 couldn’t solve it there, then elsewhere. But that couldn’t be allowed, so the sooner Number 6 was back in The Village the safer it would be for all concerned. And a lesson well learned in the process!

Be seeing you

Caught On Camera!

    During ‘Once Upon A Time’ the last action Number 6 performed just before the steel door of the Embryo Room opened, was to lock the door of the cage. There was a lock because in one scene during that episode you can see the key in the keyhole of the lock. But now as we can see in an image taken from a scene during ‘Fall Out’ there is no keyhole!

Be seeing you

Jumping The Gun!

    It’s possible that the President jumped the gun when he accused Number 2 of biting the hand that feeds, because up until that point Number 2 had been loyal, he’d put his life on the line for the cause and paid the ultimate price, with his life. It’s not his fault they couldn’t let him die in peace. It’s soon after his resuscitation that Number 2 turns on and bites the hand that feeds, by suggesting that Number 1, whatever it is, whoever it is, will no longer hypnotize him. That he’ll die with his own mind!
   But Number 2 himself once jumped the gun, during the deliberations with Number 6 in the Embryo Room during Degree Absolute. At School the young Number 6 had just graduated, it is a joyous moment for any boy, especially for our prize pupil and as he is launched into the rapids of adulthood the Headmaster looks back on the ups and downs of his childhood, and views with some satisfaction the fine specimen you see standing before the Headmaster, who asks the pupil if he has anything to say. But the pupil has nothing to say for himself, nothing at all, except “Thank you for everything sir.” The Headmaster offers his congratulations, he sees the pupil as doing well, is proud of his pupil, proud that he has learned to manage that rebellious spirit. Proud that his obedience is absolute.
    “Why did you resign?”
    “What’s that sir?”
    “Oh come along boy, why did you resign?”
    “From what sir?”
    “No my boy you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Why did you resign?”
    “I can’t tell you that sir.”
    Of course he can’t, because he’s only just graduated from school, it wouldn’t be for another 28 years before ZM73 {for want of a better name} would hand in his letter of resignation and resign his top secret, confidential job!
    Number 2 was far too quick off the mark! Even if he had got Number 6 to give away the reason behind his resignation, what then? They would still be locked together for the remainder of the week until the time lock on the door released itself! What would they have done then? Sit about talking, being entertained by the
Butler playing the organ?! It would have soon become exceedingly boring, and probably in time they might well have tried to manipulate the time lock in order to release the door early. In fact towards the end, when time was fast running out, Number 2 did try to manipulate the door’s time lock, to reset it to open on a new phase in Number 2’s relationship with the Prisoner. But it was to no avail, door time locks are notorious for being non-manipulative!   

Be seeing you

Friday, 24 February 2017

This Time of Year In The Village!

    What with the events of ‘A B And C,’ ‘The Schizoid Man,’ and ‘Many Happy Returns’ overlapping each other from Feb 10th through into March one would think that complication enough. And yet another episode could be thrown into the mix, one which could easily take place at this time of the year, that of ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ Why? Simply because of that bunch of daffodils seen in the vase in Number73’s hospital room, and later placed upon her grave. It is this time of the year when daffodils begin to come into flower.
    So either there is a horticulture unit of The Village growing daffodils at this time of year, or the daffodils seen in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ are “special Imports” we hear about. Or perhaps they are grown in green houses. Then again they just might be physical evidence for the location of The Village!

Be seeing you

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    “And you can remove that thing too, I’m not an inmate…….. you can say what you like, You brought me back here, I told you the last time you were using the wrong approach, I do it my way or you find somebody else!”
    “How many times do I have to ask?
    “Degree Absolute, I require approval. If you think he’s that important there’s certainly no alternative…………….you must risk either one of us. I am a good man, I was a good man, but if you get him he will be better, and there’s no other way, I repeat no other way! Degree Absolute tonight please…… a week? That’s not long enough…… don’t want to damage him! Very well……tonight!”

    Judging by how Number 2 says “Very well……tonight!” he knows exactly what having to take that decision about Degree Absolute means! This Number 2 is the only one who has ever really stood up to Number 1, the way he gave so much back chat, almost to the point of defiance, as well as making a demand. But then he wasn’t at all happy finding himself back in The Village. One or two of his predecessors have made slight protests. Another once tried to explain why Plan Division Q had fallen behind, expecting sympathy and understanding, he received neither! The way this current Number 2 had spoken to Number 1, it’s a wonder he wasn’t dropped on from a great height. But then Number 1 restricted Degree Absolute to a week, which ensured Number 2 was put under extreme pressure to succeed right from the start. Perhaps he wouldn’t, perhaps Number 6 would be the one to walk out of the Embryo Room alive, which proved to be the case, his reward of course an interview with Number 1. And Number 2’s reward, well he became a changed man, certainly in appearance. In fact out of the three, Number 6 was the only one to remain as he was. Number 48 was once with The Village administration, but then he went and gone. And Number 2, well as I’ve said, a changed man!

Be seeing you

A Favourite Scene

    In ‘Dance of The Dead’ when the pair of doors open automatically for Number 6, he steps into the room, the light come on, and the doors close behind him. He stands there looking about the room, then his eyes finally fix on the screen, he steps forward with purpose. There’s a noise in the room, then Number 6 pulls the screen to one side to reveal………a teleprinter! I recall the anticipation which welled up inside me as Number 6 was about to whip aside that screen. Who was behind the screen? Would it be Number 1? It couldn’t be Number 2 she was back at the Ball. And then the screen is whipped to one side to reveal a teleprinter! Not what I was expecting at all, I remember feeling let down. But perhaps the words being printed out on the paper would be revealed. No chance, further disappointment. And then Number 6 uses some good old fashioned brute force on the machine, by ripping out both wiring and paper. At least he was able to stop the machine. But wait, no, the teleprinter suddenly whirrs back into life and resumes printing the incoming message or instruction!
    It wasn’t until many years later that I wondered why the need for the teleprinter? Yes so that Number 2 could send her reports, and in turn receive instructions, but from whom? After all at the outset of the episode Number 2 is supposedly speaking to Number 1 on the telephone, which makes the teleprinter superfluous. Unless the reports Number 2 sends, and the instructions she receives are to and from masters at a location well beyond the confines of the Village!

Be seeing you

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bureau of Visual Records

    “You’re not thinking of jumping?”
    Even if he was, neither Number 2 nor Number 240 would be able to stop him. But no, Number 6 is not a man to take what is laughingly called “the easy way out.” Besides Number 6’s suicide might well have been one too many, and what would The Village or the television series be without Number 6? Certainly had Number 6 jumped, it would have been Number 2 who would have been on trial, being found guilty by the three Judges, sentenced to death in the name of the people, and having the citizens set upon her heels in order to carry out the sentence in the name of justice. And with Number 6 dead, where would they have found another of his calibre? No, it has to be said that both The Village without Number 6, and ‘the Prisoner’ as a television series without Patrick McGoohan would have become a very different place!

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