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Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Prisoner Promotes Responsible Drinking!

    Last night I sat watching ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ Mister X having arrived at his local public house sat at the bar enjoying a pint of beer. But then a message begins to appear “you” as the beer recedes “have” etched on the bottom of the glass “just been poisoned.” Doris asked him if cared for another, but one of those was quite enough. And then suddenly leaving the bar, Mister X was on his way to the gents toilet….just a minute they cut out the part of the scene when he drinks a cocktail of drinks, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Tia Maria, Tequila, Schnapps, Sherry, and Drambuie in order to make himself sick! Me, I was left with the impression of Mister X in the toilet with two fingers rammed down his throat trying to make himself sick! It occurred to me that the decision was made by someone at ‘True Entertainment’ to cut that part of the scene because of the problem of binge drinking amongst young people !?

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Fall Out

     ‘True Entertainment’ screens the final episode of ‘the Prisoner’ tonight, ‘Fall Out,’ and by the end the series will have come full circle. And that’s what ‘the Prisoner’ is, a vicious circle from which there is no escape for the Prisoner.’ Perhaps it’s an anguish pattern as Number 14 suggested in ‘A B And C,’ which begins after he makes the decision to resign his job.
   Number 6 takes the throne, he witnesses two forms of revolt for which Numbers 48 and 2 are put on trial. Number 6 who mustn’t be called Number 6 or indeed any number at all, has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. He has waged a private and pure war, and that is applauded. He’s given the key to his house, presumably Mrs. Butterworth has moved out! A passport valid for anywhere, one million in travellers cheques, and a purse of petty cash. Now he is given the opportunity to lead them or go, and Number 6 can’t make up his mind! But he is given the opportunity to meet Number 1, who turns out to be himself, his other self. He’s been his own worst enemy all the time, well according to Patrick McGoohan he has. But ‘Fall Out’ isn’t like any of the previous episodes, but it does explain why no real harm was done to Number 6. Number 1 was looking after him. Making sure the tissue wasn’t damaged, that extreme measures, or the usual techniques were not used, so they didn’t end up with a man of fragments. And that’s all the thanks he gets, chased around the control room in the rocket, sealed in the nose cone, and launched into Earth’s upper stratosphere! But despite that, Number 6 and Number 1 do escape The Village at precisely the same moment, one aboard a rocket launched from its silo, the other in a cage set on the trailer of a lorry as it crashes through the gates at the end of a tunnel!

   ‘True Entertainment’ commences a repeat screening of ‘the Prisoner’ on Sunday night at 11pm, so it will all begin again then. Will Number 6 never be free of it? After 50 years I shouldn’t think so!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


   Three episodes remain in ‘True Entertainment’s screening of ‘the Prisoner,’ so soon we’ll be back where ‘the Prisoner’ started. But at least tonight there is a little respite for Number 6 as he deals with The Girl Who Was Sonia Death, well at least its Sonia according to the closing credits. And if you ever wondered what Number 6 did in his former employment, ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ gives a little insight into that. It might not look a whole lot of fun for Number 6, but at least the episode provides the television viewer with some light relief from what has gone before and for what is yet to come. Because in ‘Once Upon A time’ it’s got to either one of them, Number 2 was a good man, but if they get Number 6 he will be better.
   Number 6 regressed to his childhood Number 2 takes Number 6 through his life in the hope that when he arrives at the point when the Prisoner resigns he’ll be more amicable towards giving the reason behind his resignation. ‘Once Upon A Time’ is a superb piece of stage acting, the one on one situation, but with the
Butler on hand to help out as each part of Number 6’s life is played out. But its not the first time we have witnessed a one to one situation, ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ could be described as that. After all the main protagonists are Number 6 and Number 2, with Number 14 called upon to help out on occasion.
   Originally ‘Once Upon A Time’ or to give the episode its working title of Degree Absolute,’ was not meant to have been a prequel to ‘Fall Out,’ but a stand alone episode. Had it remained so, there would have been no resuscitation of Number 2 as there is in ‘Fall Out,’ instead he would have remained dead at the end of the episode!

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Living In Harmony

    Last night as I sat watching ‘True Entertainments’ screening of I ‘Living In Harmony’ I wondered if the episode would be edited because of its gratuitous violence, and it was. When Johnson is taken out of the Jailhouse and lynched by the angry mob, the noose was cut out!


What’s That No.6 Up To?

    That’s just like Number 6, he’s always upsetting someone! There was that Number 8, she was in love with Number 6, but did he give her any encouragement? No! The only time he was nice to her, or anything like close to being nice, was when she came round to his cottage that night to make him his nightcap of hot chocolate. He asked her how she got in, well by the door obviously. He was later to find out that his door to his cottage is always open to them! That’s when Monique came calling. And now Number 6 has gone and upset Number 42, apparently his face and that smirk was enough to send 42 into floods of tears! It’s no wonder she turned against him, and joined the feminist movement led by that fearsome woman Number 56. She’s a man hater if ever there was one in The Village, and she likes to dish out punishment, she’s a dab hand with an umbrella! But then Number 6 doesn’t trust women, well who can blame him, after all women have been used as tools against him since his arrival in The Village. First there was his housemaid Number 66, then Number 9 who was but a pawn in the game between Number 2 and 6. Then came Nadia Rakovski, she was good, Number 6 didn’t see through her at all not until the end. And there have been others like that Alison-Number 24, all he was doing was helping her with her mind reading. Number 6 had shown her generosity and kindness in helping her, but she turned out to be no better than any of them.  So really it’s hardly surprising that Number 6 should make sure Number 42’s tears were real, otherwise she might have turned into another of those damsels in distress whom he was supposed to help!

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

             “We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!”

Citizen No.6

    Be seeing you. You’ll be seeing us alright, you won’t be able to help it! They stitched you up a treat, not only is there no-one in The Village you can trust, but you cannot even trust your ex-colleagues. And yet why should they bother about you? After all you turned your back on them by resigning from the service, and yet you expect to have your cake and eat it, butter spread on both sides of the sandwich. Off you went back to those who you thought would be able to help you, well you know better now don’t you. And where did it get you that’s what I ask. Well it didn’t get you anywhere, except back in The Village. In fact you were hardly away at all. All you did was sail along the coast for about 30 miles, and then you were brought back to The Village sealed in a crate.
    You were bamboozled by a pretty woman, a damsel in distress. Just because you thought she knew where The Village was you allowed yourself to get close to her. And in your eagerness to believe Nadia, which was probably her real name as spies do use their own first name for obvious reasons, you didn’t once consider how it was possible for Nadia to make contact with that man in the cave, so that he knew to expect her, when she was incarcerated in The Village! Never mind, you’ll know better next time, firstly not to place your trust in women, and secondly not to try running back to your ex-colleagues!

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