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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Thought For The Day

    ‘Fall Out,’ the final manipulation of Number 6. The offer of ultimate power, perhaps even a coup, the plan to over throw Number 1 and replace him with Number 6. And there is a coming together of Number 1 and Number 6, and in that lies the paradox. It must have been a hard thing to take when Number 6 found out he’s been responsible for The Village all the time. Mind you it would have been worse for Number 1, when he thought he was the boss only to discover he had been the Prisoner all the time!

Be seeing you

The General

    Report to the General, and how do you think we’re going to manage that?
    Well I don’t mean report to him personally....for Pete’s sake you know what I mean.
    Actually I don’t, but perhaps you have haven’t heard. The General’s blown a fuse, well several fuses actually.
    Well I know he can be a bit volatile, but all the same.........
    You can’t report to The General because he’s been destroyed!
    Ah, that does make things rather tricky.
    The General’s destroyed, the Professor dead, Number 12 of administration dead and Number Two doesn’t know why!
    Why what?
    No, just why.
    What now?
    There’ll have to be a funeral I suppose, and get what remains chucked on the scrap heap!
    That’s what will happen to Number Two.
    I should guard your words carefully if I were you.
    Well Number Two made a mess of it once before, he’s not fit for a second term in office.
    Second term, I thought this was his second term?
    Oh no, it was decided to run two terms consecutively making one, and that makes the headline of The Tally Ho right.
    And Madam Professor?
   What about her?
   Will she be staying? I was going to her art seminar tomorrow.
   Really? I didn’t realize you were artistic.
   Well I dabble. She was going to allow me to paint her in the nude.
   Who was?
   Madam Professor. But she said I could keep my socks on.........well I need somewhere to stick my paint brushes!
Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                   “If It’s Information You Want!”


Caught On Camera!

   Haven’t they killed you yet? Oh he must have been thinking of someone else! The woman is wearing ‘B’s dress, and yet later in this same scene the same woman is sat at a table wearing a completely different dress.

  The same woman as seen here in the 
corner of the picture. Perhaps during this
 “dreamy” party things became so wild that 
someone spilled wine on her dress and 
she had to change it.

Be seeing you

Monday, 24 July 2017

Page 6

    Number 6 followed Number 14 to the secret laboratory in the woods. He gained entry. He discovered what Number 2 and Number 14 had been doing to him. He found the third dose of the drug, and having removed some of the drug from the syringe he diluted what remained with water taken from a carafe. I did wonder what the effect of that diluted drug might be. The fact that Number 6 was physically under a great strain, that the cause of the instability of that third dream, and his eventual collapse was down to the fact he had diluted that third dose. But no, even when diluted a drug does retain its potency, although that potency would be reduced, which allowed Number 6 to manipulate his own dream. Pity, I liked the idea of Number 6 causing instability of his dream, and subsequent collapse due to his having meddled with the drug!

Be seeing you

Bureau of Visual Records

   We remember Number 14 the chess champion of ‘Checkmate, who ignored the white membranic Guardian when it passed by that time. Ignored by the one, and possibly by the other because there was no sign of fear. And then in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ our diminutive friend the Butler brings in Number 2’s breakfast. He presses a button on the control panel of the desk and begins to lay out the breakfast as the black spherical chair rises up through the floor. But it’s not Number 2 in that chair but the Guardian, who appears to think it’s the boss! As for the Butler he pays no heed to the Guardian as he’s probably seen it all before, therefore nothing surprises him. He probably thinks the Guardian as Number 2 couldn’t possibly do any worse than any of its predecessors! As for the Guardian the Butler shows no fear towards it, so it ignores him as it had done Number 14. Mind you it’s going to be interesting to see how the Guardian eats that breakfast!

Be seeing you

Village Life!

    “I’d like a coffee please waiter.”
    “Yes I bet you would!”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “I expect you’d like a coffee.”
    “Yes I would.”
    “Well you’ll have to wait, I’ve only go one pair of hands you know.”
    “Sorry I didn’t mean.........”
    “No your sort don’t ever mean anything. You swan about with nothing to do all day, and then come here asking for coffee. Why don’t you go home and make yourself a cup of coffee instead of bothering me!”
    “There’s no need to take that attitude.”
    “The trouble with you Number Six is, you want jam on it!”
    “Did I ask for a sandwich or toast, and why haven’t I a parasol?”
    “It’s like your other’s been taken away!”

Be seeing you