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Friday, 26 August 2016

Night of The General

   As Number 6 returns to his cottage, outside it’s rather like Mardi Gras, everyone is celebrating the fruits of Speedlearn, he switches on the main lights. Then when he switches on the overhead lamp all the lights fuse! Suddenly the telephone begins to bleep. Picking up the receiver Number 6 is instructed to remain where he is, and not to leave. Electrics and administration are on their way. For such an emergency as this, Number 6 will find candles in the upper kitchen cabinet. A few moments later electrics turns up on one of the garden tractors, so it couldn’t have been much of an emergency, otherwise Number 151 would have walked! Number 6 then shows the electrician where the fault is just as Number 12 of administration arrives on the scene. He wants to know what’s going on, apparently there’s be a deliberate short circuit across the contacts of a light bulb….sabotage, that’s punishable! The electrician informs Number 12 that they’ll need a 2 stroke d replacement {I’ve always thought they needed a new light bulb} but perhaps he means a new fuse in the fuse box, seeing as all the lights have blown! The electrician is then instructed by Number 12 to contact Electrics control and have them switch in temporary reserve, temporary reserve from what, batteries?
   Number 12 is the first conspirator Number 6 has had, and one inside the machine, even if he is a small cog! He’s had the Professor’s lecture heard on the tape recorder micro reduced, and placed in a ballpoint pen, which he gives to Number 6. So Number 12 had been able to gain access to the Professor’s tape recorder, after Number 6 had given it to Number 2. He also gave Number 6 two security pass discs.   
   Number 12 blames Number 6 for the act of sabotage, the punishment could be a fine, it could be imprisonment {what’s that a prison within a prison, or solitary confinement} Number 6 says he’ll take the fine. So the next day Number 6 has to go to Number 12’s office in Administration, where Number 12 gives him the uniform of a Top Hat’s official, that of black suit, tie, white shirt, top hat, overcoat, dark glasses, and a document case. How Number 6 actually got those items from the Town Hall to his cottage is anyone’s guess. Even if all the items had been parcelled up, that parcel would have attracted the attention of the Observers I should have thought. And yet it was Number 12 who carried out the act of sabotage, why was this not observed by an Observer?

Be seeing you


    Number 56 started out as the shopkeeper in ‘Arrival,’ although there’s some discrepancy about that, as one minute the shopkeeper is Number 19, then a few seconds later he’s Number 56! Or it could be the other way around! Citizens have been known to have their number changed between episodes, but never in the middle of a scene. It’s a pity his number cannot be seen in ‘Checkmate,’ but it’s impossible to make out the number on his badge. Anyway we’ll give the shopkeeper the benefit of the doubt and call him 56. Number 56 crops up again, when Number 6 wears the number 56 badge in ‘The General’ when he’s in disguise as a member of the Board of Education! It is after that the Number 56 is assigned to Number 6’s personal maid in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ and that’s before the episode of ‘Checkmate,’ so perhaps to keep a reasonable logic, the shopkeeper is Number 19. Because we can’t have two 56’s, well we can, just as long as they are in separate episodes. Mind you there is the time in ‘Arrival’ when there are three 66’s. So it wouldn’t really matter if there were two Number 56’s in the same episode, the shopkeeper and the Supervisor. But then that brings into question what then happened to the maid after ‘Dance of The Dead?’ And with the passing of the maid, came two further disappearances of Number 56, the shopkeeper and the Supervisor of ‘Checkmate.’ Because by the time of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ there’s a new shopkeeper in the General Store, Number 112. And by the time of ‘A Change of Mind,’ Number 56 is a rather stout, forthright, and severe woman who gives a very good impression of being the leader of the Ladies Sub-appeal Committee. And that’s the last we see of the Number 56.

Be seeing you

Try It!

   It was day two of ‘Free For All,’ and the housemaid Number 58 has brought Number 6 his breakfast again, and pours out a cup of tea for him. At first glance when Number 6 says “try it” it appears Number 6 wants her to try drinking the tea first. However he’s not referring to any drink, he wants her to try saying “Be seeing you” in English, of course 58 {who later we learn speaks perfect English} feigns not to understand.
   And when Number 6 acts as though he was coming out of a trance or a drugged state when Number 58 keeps repeating “Ly ezeet azoon, ly ezeet azoona, ly ezeet azoona, ly ezeet azoona ly ezeet azoona,” he is indeed. It’s quite on the cards that the drug he has been given is wearing off at that point. At first Number 6 smiles politely, then his smile turns into, not a scowl, but certainly he’s down in the mouth, as Number 58 becomes more and more excited. He stands up, knocks against the overhead lamp, its as though Number 6 has come to his senses, and tears off his 6 rosette as though his fear is that they are gradually turning him into one of them by his acceptance of standing for election. He then bolts for the door of the cottage and runs outside, steals the taxi and drives away.
    Number 6 has his mind conditioned first in the manager’s office in the Labour Exchange, but the Manager is reminded by Number 2 to go to the first stage only, after all they mustn’t damage the tissue! And again when the effect of that has worn off, when Number 6 runs away from Number 58 and tries to escape by Jet boat, the pulsator in the overhead light above the bed is employed to condition 6’s mind further, in time for his second election speech delivered from the forecastle of the Stoneboat. And finally as to top up that mind conditioning, Number 6 is taken to a cave. Number 2 calls it the Therapy Zone, where a chemist has formulated a drug which worked quicker than usual, but to exact proportions to carry Number 6 through to the end of the election, as they mustn’t damage the brain tissue! Coincidentally the mixture of mind conditioning, combined with the use of a drug are three instances as those in ‘A B and C.’
   Finally, how it is Number 6 is able to say “Be seeing you” in Number 58’s language, is inexplicable as I’ve never quite been able to figure that one out, nor have I ever known anyone able to give a convincing explanation.

Be seeing you

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Citizen No.2

   You are more a Statesman than anything else, and you have the administrative ability to manipulate such a community as The Village. No don’t be modest that doesn’t become you. It’s rather clever the way you persuaded Number 6 to stand for public election, more than that you knew just what he would do if elected as the new Number 2. To organise a mass breakout, not that Number 6 cared what happened to all the others, it was just enough that during such a mass breakout he would be able to slip away undetected. And you were confident that as Number 6’s voice boomed out over The Village via the public address system, telling the citizens that they were free, free to go, that no-one would listen to him. And they didn’t. Number 6’s words fell on deaf ears!
    You are also unconventional. Your jacket, it’s not normal attire for a male Number 2, a dark double breasted blazer is more in keeping with the regular uniform. Your jacket is of a lighter colour, and unusual in the sleeves having cuffs!
   And what were you thinking when Number 6 attempted to escape, you yourself piloted the helicopter. More than that, you were waiting for Number 6 to attempt an escape, as though you were expecting it. Because you were already airborne in the helicopter, hovering, waiting! And then of course you gave chase, why was that, where was the regular pilot of the helicopter? And why did you fly yourself out of The Village at the end? Again, where was the regular helicopter pilot? Well no-one’s been able to come up with an answer to that, not after almost fifty years, so I don’t expect anyone to come up with an answer now, it’s much too late. All we can do is image, but imaginings are just that, they are not answers. ‘The Prisoner’ has never easily given up its answers, insisting that we find those out for ourselves. Number 6 once said “I’ve never liked secrets,’ yet ‘the Prisoner’ still refuses to give up some of its secrets, even today!

Be seeing you

How Did He Do That?

    Just a few moments ago Number 2, you were in the Control Room speaking to Number 6 on the telephone, asking if he would like a chat. Number 6 told you that mountain can come to Mohammed. And there you were standing on the door step of ‘6 Private!’ How did you do that? The Control Room is located beneath
the Town Hall, and that’s more than a few moments walking distance to Number 6’s cottage. You could have been on the telephone from almost anywhere, in fact thinking how you as Number 2 are able to manipulate situations, including the fact that you have a somewhat devious and clever mind. You might well have been speaking on the telephone to Number 6 just around the corner, and filmed for the televisual link in a part mock up of the Control room, or at the very least standing there with a painted back-drop of the Control Room wall behind you!

Be seeing you

Bureau of Visual Records

    What’s the Guardian doing there? Number 6 isn’t about to make a run for it, that comes later. Perhaps it’s there to make sure Number 6 goes into the Town Hall, why shouldn’t he? After all he has an appointment with Number 2 to witness the dissolution of the out-going council. But why should the Town Council be dissolved? After all when a British Government changes, the Civil Service remains the same, members of the Civil Service work for whichever Government is in power at the time. I should have thought that was the same even in The Village, Number 2 might change, but the members of the Town Council remain the same. Besides do we actually witness the dissolution of the Council? True the final resolution of this council is a vote of thanks to Number 6, it is carried unanimously, and there is no further business at this time. Number 6 is allowed to question the members of the Council, not that they even attempt to answer his questions, it’s no wonder Number 6 described them as a bunch of tailors dummies! And yet perhaps they are what they are supposed to appear to be. The election was a manipulation of Number 6, aided by his own predictability. So no election, perhaps no Town Council, and yet Number 6 must have believed in the democratic process, as he explained to the Colonel in ‘Many Happy Returns’ that he could have been a member of the Town Council, it being elected once a year. But is that the same Town Council as witnessed in ‘Free For All? If it is I cannot somehow see Number 6 being a willing candidate to become one of those brainwashed imbeciles as he called them. It also strikes that by the time of ‘Many Happy Returns’ Number 6 has changed his mind about the Town Council, he seems “matter of fact” about it, almost casual as he explains it to the Colonel, as though it’s no longer something dark. But perhaps that’s because Number 6 thinks he’s well out of the way of The Village, and can now afford to be blasé  about it. If that’s the case, his predictability is once again to be his downfall, as he is about to be placed in the hands of his tormentors once again!

Be seeing you

Monday, 22 August 2016

Cult of The Personality

     If the Exhibition of Arts And Crafts during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ is anything to judge by, it would seem The Village suffers from the “cult of the personality” when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other such methods to create an idolized hero, and sometimes a worshipful image, at times through flattery and praise. Is that why the majority of art work is of Number 2’s image, because they see Number 2 as a worshipful image? Such appears to be his popularity, as he seems to be well liked, even loved by the people, and that does seem to please Number 2 at the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts. Now which of the busts of Number 2 belongs to Madam Professor?

                               “Highly original” Number 6 said sarcastically.
   In the main, contributors to the exhibition used Number 2 as a model for their art work, such is his populartiy as a Chief Administrator of The Village. From drawings, sketches, and watercolours to the General’s King of his hand carved chess set. Eventually even Number 6’s piece of abtract art incorporates the image of Number 2!
   That sail, its rather Viking looking don’t you think that?

Be seeing you